Pre-Delivery Videos

As a car retailer committed to delivering the highest levels of customer service, your car handover procedures will include instructions for the customer on how to operate their new vehicle’s controls safely. But throughout a car handover there’s often a lot for a customer to absorb during the euphoria experienced when buying a replacement car.

At, we offer an opportunity for customers to receive an insight to their new vehicle before they actually take delivery of their vehicle. Delivered via email, trackable link or on an attractive high-quality flash drive; complete with your branding, our unique, skilfully produced Pre-Delivery Videos provide your buyers with guidance on what they’ll need to know to fully enjoy all the functions of their new vehicle. What’s more, the video can also be made available by links on your website.

Superbly filmed and edited, these videos add polish to the buying experience available through your retail centre by welcoming your customer to the model they’ve just purchased. The footage incorporates clear and easy to understand instructions delivered by a friendly professional presenter who talks your customer through all the main operating features of their new car. Filming takes place within attractive locations that offer an upmarket environment in keeping with the prestige of the brands that your business represents.


Examples of Pre-Delivery Videos

Benefits of Pre-Delivery Videos

With increasing leasing and finance purchases, cars are often sourced from all over the country as leasing companies seek the best available deals via the internet, so cars are often handed over by delivery drivers. This means that buyers have no physical contact with your retail centre. The presentation of a Pre-Delivery Video helps to create a connection between your business and the customer leasing a car, and it’ll also work with those customers purchasing a car directly through your retail centre, potentially enhancing the way that customers feel about your business, leading to an increase in those all-important CSI scores. Pre-Delivery Videos can extend the euphoria experienced by car buyers after they’ve been through the process of choosing their various preferred options and have placed an order. The period between ordering and actual delivery can vary in time. Our Pre-Delivery Videos maintain that satisfying anticipation of delivery, sustaining the bond between the customer and your business between placement of order and delivery. With your company’s branding incorporated, our Pre-Delivery Videos can be personalised to your requirements. Personalisation can include filming at your retailer centre, with your staff team.

Car Videos That Won’t Date

With most new cars being kept on a 3 to 4 year cycle, Pre-Delivery Videos are available with branded registration plates featuring either the name of a vehicle’s manufacturer or that of your retail centre, so that cars don’t date. These videos are kept ‘live’ and available during a model’s lifetime, and we continue to update videos as models are replaced. For your business it offers a cost effective marketing tool, as these are available by monthly rental, which ensures longevity.