Road Test Videos

For most car buyers today the internet is the gateway to finding vehicles. So, if you don’t have video on your website you will be missing out on new business. Video content also pushes your site up those all-important SEO rankings ensuring that as many eyes as possible are able to view your site. At we have access to probably the world’s largest road test video library offering the widest range of models to be found anywhere on the web. Production values are high and every road test video is shot in high quality HD. An Excellent Prospecting Tool. Our road test videos can be sent directly to prospective customers by your sales staff, alerting them to the availability of a brand’s latest products. This proven system works especially well when, after 3 to 4 year’s ownership of their current model, customers are preparing to replace their vehicles. Presented by a friendly, knowledgeable presenter, our videos are filmed to offer ‘real world’ motoring conditions so don’t expect Top Gear-style antics as that’s not our style. Our Road Test Videos deliver the most comprehensive reports on vehicles available anywhere on the net. They’re segmented into seven sections –

  • Overview, Background
  • Driving Experience
  • Design & Build
  • Market & Model Range
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Summary

Your customers can choose to watch an entire report or opt to view the sections they’re most interested in visiting – the choice is theirs.


Road Test Videos : Example

Benefits of Road Test Videos

The average car buyer, before visiting a car retailer, wants to research models, find deals, have a virtual test drive and get advice. Car buyers are now turning to digital to help select the perfect vehicle for their needs.

In these moments before your potential customer takes a single step into your showroom they’re making decisions and forming opinions by doing their own research.  That’s why it’s so important for you to use video as part of your marketing campaign.

According to research, 6 out of 10 people looking to purchase a car enter the market unsure of which car to buy. To help narrow their choices, many will start by looking for an informative road test. Critical data shows that these early research moments are increasingly influenced by video. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential for car retailers to be able to offer a comprehensive range of test drive videos giving practical advice on the vehicles specification, performance and running costs.

Our test drive videos can be uploaded onto your website, emailed to existing and potential customers or presented on a personalised USB stick. They are an essential tool to compliment your existing campaigns to drive customer engagement and enable your business to achieve its target.

Timeless Car Videos

Road Test Videos can also be used to assist used vehicle sales. These videos are kept ‘live’ and available during a model’s lifetime, and we continue to update videos as models are replaced.